Monday, 8 February 2010


Another contribution sent in for the Collective Atlas - sent in by a few weeks ago by Helen Allsebrook. Sorry for the late posting!
A small book measuring 7.5 x 10cm packed full with information on Ilkley including facts and personal memories. The information is handwritten and then photocopied in negative and is written in small spaces and across pages, upside down and round about. This makes for a really intimate read as you try to follow the meandering text and diagrams/illustrations. What is written gives the reader a good sense of the place from the artist's perspective, which is intriguing, humourous and inviting. These are pieces of information you would not pick up on during a quick visit through Ilkley and so make the book a real discovery of the place. Thanks greatly for the contribution. Look forward to meeting you at the Leeds Artists Book fair!