Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Collective Atlas Details

Hi everybody

I just wanted to repost the details for the Collective Atlas. If you haven't yet contributed or feel the urge again please submit something....

Lets get together and create our...

The idea is to create a representation of the world through people who know the places.

Think of a village/town/city that you have spent time in. The task is to try and represent it the best you can in one simple book.

There are just 2 rules...
The book must only be made from one A4 sheet of paper or card (of your choice) and can only be folded into the format you want. Cuts can be made but the sheet must remain relatively whole – so not cut right in half etc.

You can use one or both sides of the sheet and use any media.

Send your book to:
Somethink Collective
97 Benview

Please include your name on your book. And when sending, please include an email address that we can contact you on to inform you of developments.
The books will be collected with the idea of finding exhibiting opportunities.
They will also be uploaded on to the Blog!

This is an ongoing project, but we are looking for opportunities to exhibit in the new year.

Let's get making!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Iceland Walking

A beautiful contribution from Aine Scannell, with a huge apology from me for not putting it on the blog sooner. I really wanted to do it justice and it has taken some time to get the time to upload this. No excuse though!
This piece combines poetry, print and collage to great effect. The intimate lines of text, hand written, draw the viewer in as we decipher what is being said. The text itself if full of emotion, " birds fly over my pool of tears creating beautiful waves and...:, "isolated voices sleeping and crying". Combined with references to nature and the carefully considered imagery, as well as the deep quality to the printed surfaces, the book takes on a quite peaceful and still feel. The collage and hand made aesthetic of the piece gives the viewer a certain connection with the artist, as well as a personal connection to the place the book represents. There is an air of melancholy that can not be ignored, however this should not be misread as depressing or dark, but rather creates an air of mystery around the book. A really carefully put together piece, down to the intimate package it was wrapped in. A great pleasure to have received it!

Please go and see more of Aine's work and her prints at her website www.ainescannell.com