Monday, 4 January 2010

Ritterstrasse, Berlin

Vicky Clark sent in an illustrated map (pencil and coloured pencils) of a particular street in Berlin - Ritterstrasse. The detailed drawings map out each building in it's position within the street in the style of very old town plans. Vicky has chosen to inform viewers about a very small part of Berlin. That fact, along with the delicate illustrations seem to highlight this place as a special hidden corner of Germany's capital city, which has now been noted as being of significant worth. Ritterstrasse's status within the greater whole of a nation has now been transformed. Thank you very much Vicky. 


  1. Hello again - its been awhile.....I couldnt retrieve the email you sent me ages ago so thought I would post a comment.

    Its been nice to view the more recent minibooks.

    I hope you have received my A4 minibook.

    Please let me know and hope all is going well with this project.

    best wishes