Monday, 12 April 2010

South London

This contribution is by the Somethink Collective's very own Carolina Martinez-Marin, a graduate from the MA Visual Art course at Camberwell College. She has chosen to make a book about South London, where she currently lives. The book is a simple folded piece, which opens the opposite way a "normal" book would open, and contains imagery on both sides of the strong paper/card. The only text  used is in the title - "South London, from a Plane going back Home (Reconstruction). The imagery has been constructed using photos and images which have been digitally re-worked and layered. On the one side the images are deep and intense, with the other side using subtle tones of grey with more delicate pictures including a cup cake, flours, and clouds. The deep colours portray a random landscape including buildings, park areas, a destroyed sofa, a washing line, shrubbery and figure from ages past. It might be a rather gloomy image if the colours were not so vibrant and the contrast so effective. Carolina's hand altered digital images with a "scribble"effect give the viewer an idea of a hazy sketch, of memories and of imagination. They also give the piece a real warmth - a really positive way of viewing the randomness of South London.

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