Tuesday, 18 January 2011

New Logo

The atlas has a new logo thanks to Carolina. So details of the atlas will be posted again soon, as well as being distributed around the globe to encourage even more contributions! onwards and upwards for 2011!


  1. This looks like a wonderful project. I just read about it on Print Universe. Are you still collecting minibooks for it?

  2. Hi there,
    sorry for the very late reply!! Yes indeed we are. Please feel free to contribute. It is an ongoing thing. There will be a new address posted on the blog soon, for posting the projects to, if you are indeed interested.
    Where did you find out about it??
    Take care

  3. Hi there - this is Aine one of your current contributors

    Have you had many new contributions. Someone on Print Universe where I put the notice about this project wonders if you are still accepting books ? What should I tell her.

    Might be good to do an update post if you still want contributions? aine@ainescannell.com

  4. Hi there Aine,

    I moved house over the last couple months and it's been crazy trying to get sorted and get my head back on straight! Anyway, we are still accepting contributions with open arms! Please note the recent posts on the change of address! And also, thanks for chasing up the details for the exhibition in the US. The books are packaged and ready to be sent over. I am also exploring an opportunity to exhibit in Alaska also. No confirmations on that, but will let you know.
    Kind regards, Sarah