Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Chippenham, Wiltshire

Claire Selman sent in this contribution piece on Chippenham. The book is simple in structure and on first glance seems to show a a number of images of the town. The images seem quite pixelated giving it an almost CCTV aesthetic. On closer inspection, the images are mirror images, mirrored vertically down the centre line, and the images are also repeated. When it is opened further we see that the images we have been observing are mirrored further, this time along the horizontal centre line. The original images depict places that could be anywhere, and it is the mirroring and repetition that make it interesting. When the viewer turns the paper over, we are confronted with a bright pattern. When viewed closer the pattern is made up repeated images, this time more natural, of a mirrored swan, plants and what looks like grass or ground of some sort. Small hearts also jump out. It is reminiscent of an image from a Kaleidoscope, in fact, so is the whole piece. Pixelated kaleidoscopic images of your average British town, making it anything but average. The place becomes a maze/puzzle that the viewer wants to solve.

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