Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Rajeshstan, Rajasthan?

This book was sent in by Varsha Choahan. On the back, a label reads Rajeshstan, which I believe could be the indian for Rajasthan? Please write a comment if you know and I will correct this! The book is a simple A4 sheet folded in two places and covered with a beautiful indian fabric and decorated further by small sequins and the larger gold sequins down the centre. When opened the pages reveal a photo of a traditional snake charmer. The photo is embroidered in parts and embellished with small pearls and a jewel. This gives the viewer a sense of a traditional culture, or perhaps a stereotype? The fabric together with the photo are immediately recognisable as representing India, and it is for the viewer to decipher the meaning of the photo and what this is saying. When standing up, the front folds act as a support and the book is transformed into a portable shrine. This does not seem out of place with the piece, if it was intentional or not. 


  1. please have you received my minibook?

  2. hello, and yes i received it. sorry to have worried you. things have just been a bit hectic and i hope to post your book on the blog in the next week! so sorry. it was so lovely to receive and i have photographed it, so just need to post it.
    thanks so much aine! :)