Tuesday, 3 August 2010


This book is by Mariatou N'Jee. What first greets you is strong colours of an evening skyline, lit up like Las Vegas. There's an immediate sense of an active place, of excitement, "Lille - the european capital of culture". On the reverse of the "cover" images is a mix of black an white photos of the town and french text with english translations underneath about the town/region. The text gives a sense of a fun and bright place to go. When fully opened out a large printed illustration is revealed. A busy drawing of places and points of interest in the town. The stylised illustration is gives a real impression of the artist's love for this place. It depicts images we can identify with through deep set stereotypes such as the french cafe culture, pommes frites, and the arts, which the viewer wants to explore further and read. The hand drawn aspect becomes like a diary, a personal account of Lille, and it this personal touch which engages the viewer. An exciting, french, cultural town like Lille, is very appealing! Thank you.

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